Fodder for the people

The Maypole Inn prides itself in serving traditional pub food, and, wherever possible, use locally produced Somerset meat and seasonal vegetables. We serve good quality food, in a local pub, and care a great deal about service and customer satisfaction. We make as much as possible in our kitchen from our daily bread to our deliciouse puddings.

All our beef comes from Farmer Bob Hall of Fordgate, near Bridgwater (6 miles away) has approximately 120 cattle allocated to P & B Pyne at any one time. These animals are handpicked by Bob and Mr Pyne Snr and are at varying stages of the fattening process. Bob has a unique blend of cattle cake made especially for our cattle. Bob and Phil choose 5-7 animals at their weekly meeting to be sent to the abattoir in Taunton 14 miles away.

Our Pork comes from Les & Chris Hill’s farm at Sampford Arundel, near Wellington. They are free-range, 75% Wessex, 25% Durox (an accident, as the boar got in where he shouldn’t) but the product is truly wonderful.

Our butchers often buy lambs direct from local farms, as there is a lot of sheep farming in our area. If not buying direct from the farm, lambs are purchased from the Sedgemoor Auction Centre, North Petherton, less than a mile away from the shop.

The lambs are then transported the minimum distance possible to Stillman’s Abattoir, Taunton for slaughter. The lamb is then aged for at least 7 days to maximise the flavour.

We use local vegeatable and fruit suppliers and also source directly from local farms and grower. We also barter for season produce, the barter can be swapped for beer tokens by talking to James.

All our dairy comes from Longman's cheese in North Cadbury who not only produce there own cheddar and buter but also supply a huge range of speciallity cheese's.

Our menu's change seasonally and our specials can change even daily. If you would like to see our current main menu or any of our buffet menu's please follow the link.